Speech and language therapy practice is looking for a new logo and branding

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Dear designers,
Who is the best match for us and wants to give our practice a fresh, appealing and distinctive image with her/ his creativity?
We are a practice for speech and language therapy in the middle of the multi-cultural district Amsterdam Bijlmer. We are treating mainly children but also adults (with various disorders, such as pronunciation disorders, language disorders, stuttering, breathing and voice problems etc.). Our clients have a multi-cultural background (Surinamese, Ghanaian, South-American, Pakistani, Indian, Dutch etc.).
Since the very beginning we are using the business-like logo of our professional association (NVLF). According to this colour scheme we adapted also our website and brochure in the past (see the attachments). In 2014 we decided to continue the practice under the current name, with an other business organization and with an other company culture. And now the time has finally come to carry through these changes also in a new company logo and branding (and in a later assignment as well on our stationeries, on the website and our new brochure).

What we do not want:
- (standard) speech balloons, which are related to communication
- something naïf
- pastel colours

What we do want:
- fresh and clear colours (keep blue with an additional maximum of 3 extra colours), which can be seen good as well on a screen as printed on paper
- illustration(s)/icons which stand for what we do: (non)verbal communication and contact
- we want to distinguish ourselves from other speech and language therapy practices.
- open, radiant and fresh presence
- multi-cultural may emerge of course
- for children and adults
- playful, but not childish
- simple, not too complex for our target group
- professional, but not too commercial; our correspondence is been sent to referring doctors, such as general practitioners, ENT’s, but also to schools and clients themselves.
- good readable font

Our core values are:
- openness/ trust
- develop/evolve/growth & flowering/ thrive (the first two point to us as professionals and the rest is an indication for the energy at the practice during the contact with the clients)
- encounter/meet

We want to give people the idea of ‘This is my place’, ‘This is where I have to/ I can/ I may be’ and also ‘The place to be’.

We are looking forward to see you creative ideas.

Regards, Irene en Monique

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