Modernize logo for a practice for Shiatsutherapy Orthomoleculartherapy and foot reflexology

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  • Contest holder: Touchcare
  • Category: Logo design
  • Total budget: € 200.00
  • Start date : 17-12-2021 13:12
  • Ending date : 29-12-2021 00:00
  • Status : Ended
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We are looking for a renewal of our logo for practice Touchcare (

We practice Shiatsu therapy since 2009 and have completed studies in the disciplines of Orthomolecular therapy and Foot Reflexology in recent years. The intention is that the logo will better reflect the new disciplines.

The attached logo is the current logo of the Shiatsu practice. This may be used as inspiration. Our goal is to modernize and freshen up the design.

In brief:
- Shiatsu literally means finger pressure and is a massage therapy comparable in diagnosis and treatment to Acupuncture, only without the needles.

- Orthomolecular therapy is a method of treatment in which optimal health is achieved and maintained through natural nutrition and supplementation in the form of vitamins and minerals and herbs.

- Foot reflexology is a therapy that restores natural balance and self-healing capacity of the body by treating reflex zones of the feet.

The logo needs to be:
- simple, - recognizable and unique; - and to propagate the disciplines within practice. The current logo symbolizes the disciplines Shiatsu and Foot Reflexology, but Orthomolecular is missing.

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