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We are creating a new set of services and I am looking for a simple website that I can copy and use for different purposes.

The first site we want to create is called "Heal-IT --> The Anxiety Challenge"
Please find logo attached.
We have 4 major brands (Heal-IT, Moov-IT, Tantra-IT, Date-IT) and each brand has a set of related challenges (for example: Heal-IT has the Anxiety HealChallenge, Depression HealChallenge,..). For each Challenge we want to have a very simple one-page site.

The one-page site has 4 major parts:

1) Why you are here - where can we help you with - what we do
"Hi! For the last 3 years we've been studying pioneer knowledge on healing and anxiety.

2) Who we are - what we do - we are a team - on a mission
Have you tried everything and you're still not in a relaxed mode? We've gathered knowledge of worldwide pioneer therapists on anxiety. You can see us as the "Google" of Healing, giving you a summary of what's possible so you can become your OWN healer.

3) How do we do it? Explanation of our digital challenge and community
You'll receive a welcome brochure
You'll receive a challenge with knowledge, you need to know the WHY of each technique
You'll do some self-tests to know where you are at and measure your improvement
You'll get inspired to find ways to heal yourself
You'll get access to the best coaches and therapists nearby your city to try therapies that resonate with you
You'll be part of a community of people beating anxiety by healing themselves in order to keep your new habits on the long term

4) Next steps button "Get rid of your anxiety now"
--> Payment (donation-based, the more people support us the more info we can add) 0 - 15 EUR - 40 EUR - 150 EUR
You will become lifelong member of our community

After payment they get automated download = welcome

The one-page site needs the following future options:
* Connect with hubspot for lead generation
* Landing pages for lead generation

Must haves:
* CMS: We can adapt pictures ourselves
* We can adapt the name and text, in the blocks
* We can adapt the logo
* ..

Look & feel:
* The logo will be changed a little bit (different colours and small differences but in general will stay the same)

Example look&feel of the site:


Company description:

Target group:

Colors, favourites and other requirements

  • designer: Aaron

  • designer: Aaron

  • designer: doria

  • designer: doria

  • designer: shasim

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