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  • Contest holder: JSolowski
  • Category: Website design
  • Total budget: € 499.00
  • Start date : 27-10-2020 16:56
  • Ending date : 01-12-2020 09:12
  • Status : Ended
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  • Number of designs: 17
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Our website’s design is obsolete and it must be given a new look. The previous design’s homepage is attached.
We would like to receive refreshed/ more modern designs than our current one (but still very professional). Solowski Consultancy BV specializes in Tax Legal Advice with an emphasis on Dutch tax law in an international perspective. Solowski Consultancy BV also conducts business administration for entrepreneurs from the Netherlands and for medium and large companies from various European countries and from other parts of the world that undertake business activities in the Netherlands. We can provide corporate income tax returns for entrepreneurs as well as private individuals, and you can contact us for tax procedures, objections and appeals and various other tax, legal and accountancy activities. We want to attract new customers and use an interesting way to present our services. The website must also work as a "digital office", where customers can log in and request a quote or consultation

The website consists of following “bookmarks”(visible at the upper part of the main website):
- Home
- About us ( subpages: team, mission, history)
- Services (subpages: tax& legal advice, accountancy, payroll, tax& legal scans)
- News
- Articles & Publications (on this subpage please add “search” window )
- Event
- Vacancies
- Downloads
- Webshop
- Contact

What should be incorporated somewhere on the main page:
- Log in button for our clients
- Search option
- Video (check , the video is visible on the main page)
- Offer request button
- Linkedin, facebook, and twitter icons
- NOAB logo

Please include Breadcrumbs and footnote

We receive a design for both mobile and desktops so that we can use it.
The designs do not have to be in html but can be supplied as a pdf / photo shop file.
We would like to receive also 2/3 examples of how the subpages would look like (as one use Webshop subpage and as one use Publications and Articles – the description of a few required features is available below)
1. Articles & Publications (please present 2 designs for this section- one for the main page of this subpage; and one for the article itself).
a) Main page of the subpage. At the top we would like to see a stripe with categories of articles (example: Law, Tax, Accountancy). Here we would also like to see list of articles with|: the headline, picture next to it and a small part of article with an option “Read more”.
b) Example Article. Apart from headline, picture, and article- at the end of the article we would like to see list of related articles in the webshop ( and next to the titles of those, option to add it to basket or immediately purchase).
2. Webshop
On the main page of the subpage we would like to see a stripe with shop categories (ex. Law, Tax, Accountancy). There should be icons/ small pictures of the things we sell (documents) , description next to it and possibility to add it to the basket or immediately purchase).

Company description:

see on:

Target group:

Medium and large companies from the middel of Europe

Colors, favourites and other requirements

We would like to keep the website in the same color. (like logo- gray, black, red, white.)

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