Attractive website page for our product! Preparation for launching our product by kickstarter

Contest details:

  • Contest holder: HarmKeurhorst
  • Category: Website design
  • Total budget: € 100.00
  • Start date : 17-06-2020 22:35
  • Ending date : 29-07-2020 00:00
  • Status : Ended
  • Required formats: jpg,psd,ai
  • Relevant files: None
  • Available languages:
  • Number of designs: 14
  • Response rate:
    low high


* UPDATE * the competition is extended. we need a complete page designed in Wordpress. With plugins for subscribe list and change language from Dutch to English.

A while ago we had our logo designed (LIF Group) on brandsupply successfully! Since we were very satisfied by the result(Joost from Luva design thank you very much!) we want to organize a new competition.

We are designing a product, namely the LIF Tower, a tower in which fresh herbs can be grown and kept well for a longer period.

We want to launch this tower via kickstarter, to make this a success we will have to find our crowd in advance and share our story with the world.

For this we want to use a landing page where interested parties can find more information. It is important that interested parties can subscribe to our mailing list, for this we use mailchimp in combination with convertfull.

We have created a website in wordpress with a theme as an example. It now contains as much information as possible. In our opinion, this information is not attractive and provides too much information. You may still have good ideas and we are certainly open to this. (Don't pay too much attention to spelling or sentence structure)

On our website there are already a number of images, we are going to make even more images of our tower.

Our contest is as follows, we want a 1 page website, which is clear and well-organized, which appeals and attracts attention, moreover, people need to become interested and register in our mailing list. It is important that our page is in both Dutch and English, it would be nice if this could be selected by the user or if this is done automatically by setting the language of the browser.

It is important that certain points are displayed visually in an image.

We want to be able to add or change information ourselves later.

Are you a designer, text writer and creative? Then help us build this website and become part of a startup that wants to put a product on the market and then build a base and from there come up with more products and put them on the market. As you can see we are a starting startup, for the future we will definitely need you again and you will be the one we will approach first.

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