Professional logo for a real estate investment and management company

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  • Contest holder: ukyo5o
  • Category: Logo & stationery
  • Total budget: € 305.00
  • Start date : 21-06-2020 22:05
  • Ending date : 05-07-2020 00:00
  • Status : Ended
  • Required formats: jpg,psd,ai
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Company name - NXXT Consultancy

Other company names used - NXXT Property Investment | NXXT Property Management | NXXT Vastgoed | NXXT Makelaardij | NXXT Verhuur | NXXT Realtors | NXXT Investment Group | NXXT Asset Management | NXXT Investments | NXXT Holding

Company description - NXXT Consultancy is a starting real estate investment and management company, which focusses on high net-worth male individuals between 35-60. We help investors to invest in properties (houses/offices/shops/industrial) in the Netherlands.

Criteria for logo - The logo should thus be professional, simple, recognizable and might include the letters NXXT. The logo should not include a house with a roof! That is just too obvious...

Colors - #7c1e1e #414141 #FFFFFF #000000 - You are allowed to change the logo colors a bit (you can choose a lighter or darker color red or grey if you think it works better with the logo).

Tagline - no tagline, but "NXXT Consultancy" should be to the right of the logo like this: "YOUR LOGO" NXXT Consultancy

Reference logo's - the provided link under this text is a Word-file with logo's which I like. The first three pages are a logo that I designed myself. After that are some logo's of other designers that I like. As you can see, I have no clue what I want.

Company description:

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Colors, favourites and other requirements

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