Make a new design for Fysiovakbond FDV the Dutch union for physiotherapists!

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  • Contest holder: Fysiovakbond-FDV
  • Category: Logo & stationery
  • Total budget: € 359.00
  • Start date : 19-06-2020 18:57
  • Ending date : 26-06-2020 00:00
  • Status : Ended
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  • Number of designs: 130
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We are looking for a new logo and a new house-style for Fysiovakbond-FDV, the Dutch union for physiotherapists. We will use these for all our communication, which includes the website, our newsletters and official documents.

Our goal is to represent and support all physical therapists in their work and role as employee. This begins with the students who just finished their training and are about to start their first job, to the older employee who is about to reach their pension. We strive for a healthy job market for employees and good working conditions for every physical therapist.

What should our logo and house-style communicate?
We are a strong union that knows what is going on inside the heads of our union members.
We address the younger physical therapists (but we represent ALL physiotherapists)
We are involved and easily reachable.
We claim our place in the physical therapy field. No one can push us aside.
We are an independent and democratic union.

We want our logo and house-style to communicate that our members belong to a union of physiotherapists that stands strong. That we make each other stronger through unity and commitment.
That we dare to be critical to the employers in a respectful and open dialogue.

We reach our members through different types of communication. We talk face to face with our members, make phone calls, organize meetings and use mailing, our website, Facebook and Twitter as means of communication.
Our communication is always written in an understandable language, without fancy words and abbreviations.

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