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As an Amsterdam start-up company, we have the mission to become the best recruitment company for data specialists in Europe. We want to offer our specialists challenging projects in Europe in the challenging field of data. From Amsterdam we want to spread our wings internationally within Europe.
What Analysk does is temporarily hiring data specialists to both Dutch and international clients. These specialists come from Europe and are deployed in Europe. Eg. we place specialists from the Netherlands to a project in Spain. But also people from Sweden to a project in Germany. What our specialists do is mainly researching data and linking information sources (data lakes). Doing this, our specialists deliver better figures and new insights to our clients on which they can develop new visions and make better decisions.
The name Analysk is Danish / Swedish and literally means Analytical. A name with a Scandinavian character has been chosen because these countries are characterized by reliability, solidity and good employment practices.
Given the segment in which Analysk works, a blue / business and tight logo seems most obvious. The target group is analytical and naturally wants to know the exact details. So a messy logo / identity is no option. The name Analysk is, in our opinion, also short enough to put a logo next to it. We also want to use this logo as a sticker on cars, ballpoint pens, notebooks or as a logo for our future iphone / android app.

Company description:

International recruitment agency for data specialists

Target group:

Clients: mainly international companies >1000FTE
Employees: data analaysts, data engineers, Business Intelligence consultants

Colors, favourites and other requirements

See attached file for logo / color examples.
We prefer a strong recognizable logo (name + relevant symbol)

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