Logo for NEW company in transport of construction containers truck and construction buckets

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The company will be 033 containers b.v. called.
The website will be www.033containers.nl.
It will be a new company so there is no logo yet.
We already have a color combination as a starting point.
The truck will be a medium blue color. I will attach an image of a truck that has been painted in the desired color.
We want to have the container bins that we are going to transport from the construction site painted silver gray. The logo will be placed fairly large on the side of the construction containers. The logo must therefore be recognizable, also from a distance.
photo 1 is a general photo of a truck with a container container, as the principle of the combination will look like. This is a photo from another company, but then you understand what it is.
photo 2 is a photo of a container bin, so this is also from another company as it is green. We want these bins in the color silver gray.
photo 3 is a photo of a truck that has been painted in the color blue. We want our new truck, including the lifting system, to be painted in the same blue color.

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Colors, favourites and other requirements

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