Logo for a new dating event DeepDating!

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  • Contest holder: deepdating
  • Category: Logo & stationery
  • Total budget: € 180.00
  • Start date : 13-05-2020 11:29
  • Ending date : 17-05-2020 00:00
  • Status : Ended
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  • Number of designs: 135
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THANK YOU ALL, we received many beautiful logos. It is enough. We will be in touch with those designers whose logos we like most to come to a final decision.

Design a logo and style for a new way of dating: DeepDating

DeepDating events aim to be a playful and deep way to connect singles. The event gives participants an experience of true contact en authenticity that can arise in a very short encounter. Participants can learn from this experience also for other dates in the future. And ofcourse, one never knows what happens during the event...
The event offers a structure with simple exercises within a safe holding for the people to really get to know each other. The events are meant for singles of 30 years and more (in age categories).

Keywords: conscious connection, authenticity, heart contact

The name 'DeepDating' is part of the logo. The logo and style should be simple and playful. The events are at first aimed at straight people, but maybe in the future there may also be events for LGBTs

Be CREATIVE and ORIGINAL! Hearts are nice, but is anything else possible? And is it possible to find a creative way to let the CONSCIOUS aspect (DEEP) of DeepDating be visible in the logo?

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