Logo and corporate style for innovative agricultural enterprise

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  • Contest holder: A. Kerckhaert
  • Category: Logo & stationery
  • Total budget: € 200.00
  • Start date : 11-05-2022 11:19
  • Ending date : 18-05-2022 11:19
  • Status : Ended
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We are looking for a modern logo and corporate style for a large new agricultural enterprise containing 4 neighboring farms that merged their business operations. The new enterprise is mainly involved in the cultivation of potatoes, sugar beets and wheat (which don't necessarily have to be visible in the logo).

The name of the enterprise is Gawijzend Agro, based on the former village 'Gawijzend' that was located at the same place as the current farms. This village was flooded around 1300 AD, until around 1930 the land was regained from the sea and the Wieringermeer polder was created. The farms, that are part of the new agricultural enterprise, are located in the Wieringermeer polder.

The aim of the new enterprise is the sustainable and efficient production of agricultural goods by upscaling and innovation.

The new logo should be original and not the standard agriculture logo. The logo should also be professional and should emphasize the innovative character of the enterprise.

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