Logo and corporate identity for pediatric pelvic physiotherapy

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  • Start date : 14-03-2022 13:21
  • Ending date : 26-03-2022 00:00
  • Status : Ended
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(3D)Logo and corporate identity for new practice in pediatric pelvic physiotherapy

Please make logo and name separately usable

(logo) fitting within square

Terms; child, younger, parent, cleanliness, continence, bed wetting, pelvic floor, pelvis, abdomen, relaxed, rest, pee, poo, toilet, home, school, game, sport

Company description:

Practice name; CoZi Kinderbekkenfysiotherapie

CoZi stands for Continence/Cleanliness

Pediatric pelvic physiotherapy is intended for children and young people with problems in toileting/continence during the day and at night, abdominal pain and/or pain in the pelvic floor area.

This often affects many areas of daily life; psyche, behaviour, movement, play, sport, school performance and social interaction.

Target group:

Target group for promotion;
parents of children and young people
general practitioners / youth doctors / schools / youth workers

Colors, favourites and other requirements

sleek logo, 3 or 4 colours, Green/azure blue/petrol/ocher yellow/coral red

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