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  • Contest holder: lperez.us@gmail.com
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  • Start date : 19-11-2021 13:49
  • Ending date : 26-11-2021 00:00
  • Status : Ended
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We need a logo that inspires trust. We advise clients with important stakes to help them in their negotiations with key financial institutions. Haendel is a classical musician from the 17th century so a discrete reference to it or talent and arts could be welcome. Key words : Growth, audit and inspection, elegance, classical, trust, intelligence, finance, capital, security, stability, deals. I don't like green or orange as colors for it. Could have marine blue, sky blue, grey or crimson. Nothing too aggressive though. PLEASE NOT AN H AS A LOGO. And something else than just the name Haendel would be nice . An image, a motive

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