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  • Contest holder: Nasta
  • Category: Logo & stationery
  • Total budget: € 120.00
  • Start date : 02-11-2019 22:32
  • Ending date : 16-11-2019 00:00
  • Status : Ended
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  • Number of designs: 62
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I am a solo mom unemployed for 3 years and I start my self-business.
I offer training online))
My clients are mainly wellness professionals (coach, therapist ...).
I want an impacting logo that inspires confidence, balance and self-improvement. Like the flamingo, I want it elegant, rare, punchy and challenging.

You will find in attachment the letter F in Cyrillic alphabet. I would like you to take inspiration or use this letter. It should be known that the meaning of this letter is "the knowledge" and it is also the first letter of Flamingo. I love the curves of this letter in this typography, I think it inspires the elegance, balance and purity of the flamingo (I may change the color for more rarity).
NB: Pink is rare color and poorly represented in nature but I want a logo touches all genres men and women.

Company description:

This is a self-business.
I am a trainer in digital strategy & a Wordpress expert
The company offers a Wordpress and Web-marketing training services

Target group:

The professionals of health, beauty,coach, therapist ...).
Schools and training centers for adults.

Colors, favourites and other requirements

The pink color if present must be discreet, rare as in nature, as a nod to the flamingo.

I imagine a transparent background ideally (or not)

I guess the last letter of Flamingo, the o is a symmetrical shape, a psychedelic rhombus, like a target.

It must remain elegant, clean and attractive (hypnotizing)

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