Design an appealing corporate identity for a new practice

Contest details:


For "Waterlelie" we are looking for a logo and corporate identity. It is a practice for energetic healing and self-healing ability. The logo should look fresh, but at the same time soft and inviting. We would like the link with water and waterlily's. The word Waterlelie in the logo is sufficient, no more text is needed.

please note that the water lily differs from the lotus flower. The latter doesn't float on the water surface like water lily's do.

Company description:

It is a practice for energetic healing and self-healing ability. We offer various types of body processes to help enhance the healing process. The practice itself is located in nature, away from the city.

Target group:

mostly adult women, can be of all ages.

Colors, favourites and other requirements

Fresh colors. inviting design. We would like one (or two or three) water lily's in the design, and a reference to water. The name Waterlelie must be clear to read, not vague incorporated
colors: pink, Lila, blue/greenish
Style: a bit glowy, fantasy like or fairytale. For the fans of Zelda, like the logo resurrected from one of the great fairy fountains in BOTW.

I added all ideas for the color transition and the shape of the water lily in the files. So you can sense our style.
I also added a little design (I'm not good at it, as you can tell) with the lily floating in front of the W, and the letters are all standing in the water, just touching the surface with their feet.

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