Creation of a logo for the best renovation company and table football manufacturer

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  • Ending date : 02-11-2020 09:11
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We want a logo that is both timeless and modern for a renovation company and table football factory called BabyLone / Babylon / Baby-lone [1 in reference to the city: The Greek historian Herodotus says of Babylon: “This city, located in a large plain, is square in shape; each of its sides is 120 stadia long, which makes the enclosure of the square four hundred and eighty stadia. ", And he speaks thus of the enclosure of Babylon:" It is so magnificent that we do not know one that we can compare to it ". In Antiquity, Babylon included the hanging gardens of Queen Semiramis, which were part of the list of the seven wonders of the Ancient world, and the walls of Babylon, which were replaced by the lighthouse of Alexandria in this same list. / 2) with reference to Baby (foot) and Lone which means alone / the only one]. The logo should represent the greatness of the brand and the fun aspect of the game of football. we want to use this logo for all of our communication, but also to affix it on our renovations / creations as well as on a wide range of wide range of products and accessories around table football.

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