Create a beautiful companyname and a magnificent logo for my company so the magic can flow again!

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Dear designers,

I’m looking for a logo and a company name for my company so I can help people bringing back the magic again into their lives.

What am I doing?
I guide, advise and inspire highly educated people who are currently not in the flow or are at a crossroad in their lives and do not know which direction they want to go.
With, among others, card sets (such as tarot) and through astrology, I help them to gain insight into the underlying patterns and/or unconscious beliefs. The result? People who follow their heart, stand in their own strength, make their own decisions and live their lives with pleasure.

Company name
Currently, I don't have a company name. It’s oke to use my own name (Simone) or my initials S.G. but don’t use the word coaching or coach!

About the logo
"Magic" is important to me and must therefore somehow appear in the logo. Since I work with card sets, such as the tarot, and astrology, spirituality may also return. Don't use the third eye symbol. Influences from astrology (such as for example the sun and moon or the zodiac signs (see attachment) or the flower of life (see attachment) may also be reflected in the logo.

I would like the logo to have a soft, loving yet businesslike look. I like the colors purple, pink and gold but I also like sparkles. But on the other hand, other ideas are also very welcome!

I look forward to your designs!
Thanks in advance!

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