A sporty distinctive logo for a physiotherapy practice in Amsterdam

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The name 'Fysiotherapie Amsteldorp' is fairly basic, but it's distinctive because it's the only practice in this district of Amsterdam.

I want a logo with the name and an image that explains what I stand for:
No-nonsense guidance of motivated customers in achieving a sustainable improvement in their way of moving.
Also I would like the logo to contain my slogan: 'Duurzaam in Beweging' which is probably translated as 'Sustainable in Movement'
I'm a long distance runner myself and many endurance athletes come to me for treatment. I would like to focus on a nice picture of the future, for example someone who can run pain-free or faster again, instead of focus on the (treatments) that I perform as a professional. The common goal is what the client and I want to achieve together. The image must also be recognizable for less sporty people, everyone should feel inspired or invited by it to come and ask for help.

Because sustainability is a recurring term in my business plan and I work with many endurance athletes who practice their sport outside, I think a green color (in nature to work on your health) is the best, but I am open to suggestions.

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