Word image brand Logo Sports brand for all sports equipment and clothing

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  • Contest holder: DD Berlin
  • Category: Logo design
  • Total budget: € 479.00
  • Start date : 02-06-2021 06:09
  • Ending date : 16-08-2021 00:00
  • Status : Ended
  • Required formats: ai
  • Relevant files: None
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  • Number of designs: 1403
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Word-image brand Logo for a sports brand: "squeqo"


Logo should look good and minimalistic on clothing, with strong recognition.

I'm really annoyed 90% of the logos already exist in a similar form,
I'm also annoyed that everyone copies the other !!!

But please make a logo that is not already registered in a similar form at the EU patent office !!!

Minimalistically beautiful and I can already announce a winner !!!!

Main logo
- Fantasy logo.
- no letters!
- strong recognition effect
- very minimalist
- please create something yourself and do not copy anything
- I have to be able to register this with the patent office

The logo should remain neutral so that it can be used in all sports.

The logo should be such that one would like to wear a T-shirt when doing sports if it is printed large on the chest. Therefore, I ask you to introduce such sample images as well.

Of course, it is important that I can register the logo with the patent office worldwide.

I wish you success

Company description:

We make sportswear jackets, pants, for outdoors.
Fitness clothing and exercise equipment

Logo should look good and minimalistic on clothing, with strong recognition.

Target group:

Colors, favourites and other requirements

Logos only black on a white background
If possible, please also include a picture where the logo is on a cap on the front.
like the New York Yankees caps from NEW ERA

Please check beforehand: