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Our website and service is called 9/13 Alert Service.
We will alert traders when it's time to enter or exit a trade.
When our indicator hits a 9 or 13, an alert is send to the subscriber.
We are launching a service which sends subscribers trading alerts. The alerts will be sent to their phone through Telegram or Whatsapp. We would like to use the logo for all our communication. (website, Telegram logo, business cards, stationary, give aways. etc)
How the 9-13 Alert Service works:
Client subscribes to our website, chooses which alerts he wants to receive (commodities, stocks, currencies, crypto).
The system will give a signal at the time a potential market change has arrived.
This signal will be sent to their Telegram/Whatsapp.

We would be looking for a logo with or without the text 'Alert Service' in it.
So it can be a more graphic logo, or you can play with the name of the service. It should appeal to traders. (>85% male). So it needs to be a strong logo and not too feminine.
It needs to give people the feeling that if they buy this service they can time the market before it changes.
Some more input:

As an input for the logo,if you want to design something with trading candles in it, make it look like someone could buy the bottom at a 9, plus a 13 and at then the chart goes up, and there will be a sell signal at the top with a 9. (I would propose not using more than one 13 in a design like that. 9's occur more often than 13's).
An example of a chart which has a 9 as a reversal point for a trend is in the attachments.
Upward candles are always green, downward ones are red.
A 9 at the top is green and has a red arrow pointing down.
A 9 at a bottom candle is red and has a green arrow arrow pointing up.
Same for a 13 at the top or bottom.
I drew a 'perfect' example of a candle set up that works. If you want to make a logo with candles and 9 / 13 numbers, then use that as input.
Also, good to know: the 9 is always above a candle, the 13 is below a candle.
Also, visit www.tradingview.com for more inspiration on traders candle graphics. And also, you can go to www.tradingview.com/chart, and you can screenshot a chart there and use it for your graphic.
I also included a mock up that a friend made, some quick drawings. Just for input, please..this is not a cope paste, be creative:). I am giving a lot of input here, but I am also looking forward to seeing some creative minds at work with this. Thank you.
Some more input: see a chart line here, which could also be a nice add to the design. https://www.tradingview.com/x/1hxL9kKB/

Company description:

Target group:

>85% male/ professional traders

Colors, favourites and other requirements

Color logo, see full description for more details

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