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I need a new logo as we are not satisfied with our existing one. Our company is called GenomSys, we are a Biotech company active in the personalized medicine and genomic data field. We are at the merge of the technology / innovation industry, yet serving healthcare-oriented (genomics, etc.) customers. The logo should reflect that.

Moreover, we need a logo that is simple and that can be used everywhere. The one we currently have is the complete opposite, containing 5 colors!

Finally, people know we are in the genomic industry simply by reading our name, therefore the genome is redundant in that sense. I would like to find a new icon that differs from the genomic industry and reflect us as a company. THis icon should be able to live by its own, could be integrated in the letters of the company name (simple idea - not guideline).

At last, I would like versions of the logo to be used horizontally, vertically, black version, white version, etc..

Our website for inspiration:

Some of our competitors:

keywords of our industry:
genome, genomics, genomic data, genome sequencing, dna sequencing, genomic data format, genomic data compression, WGS, NGS, personalized medicine, genomic medicine, precision medicine.

thank you

Company description:

Target group:

B2B audience
Both academic and industrial

Head of genomics department

Colors, favourites and other requirements

we use blue and/ or green. and the grey of the logo.
too many colors. I want a logo with 1 color, max 2, smartly used.
Or a main logo with 1 color and an alternative logo with 2 i can use for some specific cases.

we use a lot the light blue in the banner of my presentation (see example)

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