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PACE is a model that enables result oriented development of technical talents, at a pace that suits both the organization as the employee. A mismatch between the desired development pace and the realized development pace stands in the way of success.

PACE offers a standard methodology, which offers tailor-made development programmes on an individual level.

What is PACE?

Framework to develop employees, along a measurable trajectory, in a pre-agreed time period

Framework is a kind of "task book", which starts at the base (where is what, who is who) to a senior technician who can make his own trade-offs and guide juniors

Target clients are:

Organisations offering traineeships

Organisations that change course and want to take their employees with them (e.g. from Gascentrale to Biomass Plant)

Indvidual pathways for employees who need to be prepared for a specific position (e.g. within 1 year the position of project leader)

Builders of installations such as Vyncke/Kuijpers/Unica as a form of side selling (separate but also as part of Altima)

Organisations that want to train their middle management so that they can develop their technical staff through the PACE framework

What result?

PACE ensures assurance in the organization, so that organizations can get started with it after implementation

More effective development of employees, making them more independent
Employees are trained in a culture of continuous Improvement and work towards measurable milestones in their development.

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