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Brandsupply | 05-Jun-14

Greenpeace Austria is looking for a poster design that puts notice on the destruction of the Indonesian rain forest, which is home to the Sumatra Tiger. The winning design will be used by Greenpeace for a big Poster campaign to advocate the protection of the Sumatra Tiger. Read more about the design contest

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Brandsupply | 05-Jun-14

Renault has used Brandsupply for the design of a covering master for their Trucks. The contest is unfortunatly in French but you can visit it here: Renault contest

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| 01-May-12

Great news from our partner They just let us know that we can announce the winners of their Startup Weekend Designer Ticket contestWe are happy to welcome David and Monika to the attendee list. The  Startup Weekend Berlin organizer team is looking forward to meeting you this weekend. But Brandsupply is not only helping two of the Startup Weekend attendees. We will have flyers with a special offer from them for every team. So keep an eye out for their flyer during the weekend.

We really couldn’t do Startup Weekend Berlin without all the sponsors and special partners. One of these great partners is Brandsupply. They are the international online marketplace for graphic design. Using the crowdsourcing principle, customers receive dozens of design proposals by numerous designers and can pick the one the like the most. With conventional graphic design agencies, companies often pay a fortune for graphic designs and only receive two or three designs to choose from. This differentiates Brandsupply from traditional graphic design agencies. So Brandsupply is just the right place for entrepreneurs and startups. When you need some great design work just check with Brandsupply.

We are working on the final details of the weekend right now and are more then excited get this party going this Friday. Its gonna be so awesome to meet all of you!


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Brandsupply arrives in France
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