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Dear top designer! :-)

I am a financial coach and with my company Holistic Finance (still in formation) I assist people to become financially fit (again) and to see together how an abundant life can come closer. After all, this also requires a healthy relationship with money.

Often there are deep layers under human behavior around money. And the impact of this on their (financial) life can be very big. Bigger than man thinks.

Awareness of how you relate to "money" offers the necessary insights on the basis of which you can work towards abundance. Because in order to live in abundance, a healthy flow is needed between money, strength and love. Money, strength and love are three different manifestations of the same energy and all three are equally important. If you deny one, if you don't want to acknowledge that it is one energy or resist it, it means that you are disempowering and repelling the whole energy. And "money" is my specialty!

Through my very broad experience (over 15 years and thousands of conversations about money) I have taught myself to assist people from a holistic perspective when it comes to finances. That is why I do not call myself a holistic financial coach and not (as in the traditional financial world) a financial advisor (saaaaaaai ;-)). And my company Holistic Finance.

I help people to become aware of their behavior around money. I do this through 1-on1 coaching trajectories, online programs and Financial Flow One Day Retreats.

Call me a holistic therapist ... but for money.

I find it very difficult to see what I want to see in my logo. I will let you in here for the time being and will indicate what I do or do not feel about it. Know that my target audience is mainly 'coaches'. Certainly also the more 'floaty' coaches (life coach, holistic coach, energetic therapist, healers, mindset coach, etc.).

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