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Logo creation for french cider called LES PENTES’ THE SLOPES in english

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  • Contest holder: logoquest
  • Category: Logo design
  • Total budget: € 229.00
  • Start date : 27-03-2021 11:22
  • Ending date : 03-04-2021 07:38
  • Status : Ended
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  • Number of designs: 146
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The objective is to design a logo for a french brand of artisanal cider called ‘LES PENTES’ (THE SLOPES in english)(packaging 33 and 75 mL ; distribution in bar, restaurant, wine merchant ; target 25-45 urban, upper middle class people)

The logo should reflect the spirit of the brand in particular the following points :
- modern artisanal products, different from traditionnal cider (new blends, new mixes with other products, new processes)
- living, natural, organic, qualitative product
- local product crafted in a mountain area, hence the name ‘LES PENTES’ (THE SLOPES in english)

Graphic considerations :
- The logo should not necessarily contain visual elements reminding cider or apple in its design. Visual element evoking the concept of ‘slopes’ is enough.
- The concept of slopes can be represented in other ways than a classic triangle mountain summit.
- Logos not totally digital (for exemple design by hand or with imperfections) will be given the first choice
- The logo should be simple and recognisable even printed on a 2cm-by-2cm square.
- The name should be on the logo and be readable.
- The name should be in upper cases ‘LES PENTES’ or written like this ‘Les Pentes’

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