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  • Contest holder: jveerden
  • Category: Logo design
  • Total budget: € 115.00
  • Start date : 24-12-2018 12:00
  • Ending date : 15-01-2019 09:01
  • Status : Ended
  • Required formats: ai
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  • Number of designs: 95
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Name: House of Imagination. I would like a logo that is a little dreamy, yet sleek and modern. I associate the name with lens flare, fresh colors, little soft, magic, imagination. But I do like modern and sleek design with nog too many details. It has to work in small formats too. If you place the words house and imagination beneath each other, you'll read hi. It's a possibility to work with that, but not necessary off course. Could be to cheesy. Figurative logo would be nice, but I'm also open for an all typographic logo.

Added note: from the words in the logo 'imagination' is the most important word. House is just the place, but imagination is what I do. So it's more about creation and inspiration. The logo can be a little more abstract too then, because maybe it's nice to leave a little to the imagination.

Company description:

Marketing and communication.

Target group:

B2B. Small to medium businesses and agencies who are short on employment.

Colors, favourites and other requirements

I added a collage in which there are a few styles I like.

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