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  • Category: Logo design
  • Total budget: € 100.00
  • Start date : 12-04-2021 12:26
  • Ending date : 23-04-2021 00:00
  • Status : Ended
  • Required formats: jpg,psd,ai,png
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  • Number of designs: 88
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Design a logo for a new podcast that matches our corporate identity and existing logo. In the podcast, blind radio maker Ferry visits cultural heritage and challenges it to give him an idea of ​​where he is while he cannot see it. The name of the Podcast (in Dutch Language) is 'Beeldspieker'. The pronunciation allows you to interpret this in 2 ways: a person who tells something about a cultural heritage or someone who gives a sneakpeak of a cultural heritage.

Company description: believes in a future in which companies, organizations and governments are committed to being accessible to all, both in the physical and digital world. Driven by the global implementation of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, inclusive thinking and entrepreneurship will be the norm. In this context, focuses on making online videos accessible. Our software makes it possible to create all accessibility files needed to fully comply with relevant laws and regulations in a simple, easy-to-use way. This includes subtitles for people with a hearing impairment and audio description for people with a visual impairment. However, these aids are not limited to people with disabilities. They also benefit people who for any other reason need support to be able to view online videos.

Target group:

people who are interested in art and cultural heritage and who want to hear a visual story.

Colors, favourites and other requirements

See the scribit visual identity form below

Maybe a fun image of sign that triggers you, that makes you curious. It doesn't have to be a corporate logo, it can be a bit playful with a twist

Now that we have seen the first proposals, we can conclude that we are not a fan of the designs with variants on the B and an eye.

We would like to see another design where a link is made to a sound speaker as it is a podcast.

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