Design a logo for bag leatherwear designer Love for travel lonely roads convertibles

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Dear Designers,

Thank you so much for your beautiful and inspiring designs!!

Although a few design almost hit the check boxes it still isn't perfect and that is mainly due to the fact that I used thick lines for the SB.
AND I realise now that I would like a road in the design, and lose the palmtree and the theme :-)

The positive thing about this whole process is that I can be much more to point. I have made a few drawings of the logo I would like: see Attachments. But up to you to refine or alter.

and could you make a design with and one without a dark road? the logo is going to be hot stamped in leather so want to see the effect. And please use your own letters, they don't need to resemble my handwriting ;-)

I really want to decide on the right logo end of the week and hope I have given you enough info for this last try!

Style: Tough but elegant. Sense of freedom and adventure

please use clear lines because logo needs to be hot stamped in leather. Logo will also be used on website which is under construction.

I - Saskia - am a bag designer with love for simple forms and rich materials.

Company description:

Logo for new Bag designing brand Studio Bongaarts, last refining phase!

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Colors, favourites and other requirements

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