Design a contemporary, stunning logo for a business psychologist

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Hi there

*I am a business (or industrial, or work psychologist, what's in a name??) psychologist working as an independant.

*I work as a freelancer in companies in HR and I'm doing individual coachings. My company name is AORTA (which is a dutch abbreviation).

*I would like to receive a Logo that is vibrant. Me as a person I am an ice-breaker, analytical yet enthousiastic. I believe in motivating people! Therefore, the logo should inspire people and organisations to work on themselves.

I try to use scientific psychological models in my work. Therefore I would like to have the symbol of psychology integrated in the logo (which is the greek 'psi').

I do hope you can make someting out of it!
I want to publish it on my website and use it in letters...

Company description:

AORTA business psychology

Working with individuals, groups and companies in all work related issues: stress, burnout, career coaching, coaching. psycho-education, support on work related issues, conflictnegotiation, assessments, recruitment etc.

Target group:

groups, working population, employers

Colors, favourites and other requirements

lemon green
black and gold

But please do use your own creativity!
a subtle 'psi' greek letter would be nice, but don't feel obliged.

the headline 'business psychology' would be nice to have.
I like rather minimalistic/sleek designs with a twist. Classy, yet attractive...

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