Design a catchy logo for me, a personal life coach / vitality coach

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Could you design a logo for my practice. What I do is coaching people in being happy again. Happiness is a state of mind, a choice. It’s not fighting what is, but embracing what life throws at you. I am a lifecoach, with a very strong intuition. I help people to look at their life, personal or professional, or both, from a different angle, with a lot of humor, and I help them through the labyrinth of the ego and the mind, all the programs and restrictions their background ‘gave’ them, back to the happy self. Apart from that I’m a vitality coach. You need to be in balance to work out, and really enjoy it, and ... you need to work out to be in balance. And exactly the balance is far too often missing. I help people in that process as well (because it’s often very much connected). Let me stress that it’s not in any way a kind of therapy that people get from me, I just accompany them in a part of their personal growth-path.
I envision a strong simple logo, not too spiritual, but not only about sports either.
I think the main color should be (a fresh kind of) green, but not just one color. A combination with orange or ...
I am very much looking forward to your design! Thank you very much for the effort.

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