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  • Start date : 09-01-2019 12:28
  • Ending date : 19-01-2019 20:54
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Dear designers,

We would like you to design a logo for our online service where people can get the best deal for the purchase of their new car. this is free of charge for the users!

We are looking for a modern logo with a low-threshold / accessible appearance. DealNL's service should seem to be very easy to use, and to occupy as little time as possible for the user.

The style colours of DealNL are mainly orange with a little white and black in it (we prefer to keep using these colours).

We have quickly designed a logo ourselves in Microsoft Word (see enclosure) to give an example how we would have seen it. but of course you are free to totally ignore this and create a completely unique design as we are not professional graphic designers.

The icons in our own logo design (see attachment) are meant as followed:
It shows the process of how to get the best deal for your new car as a user of the online service and the path you take through the site.

Explanation icons:
- car: configure your own car to your exact wishes
-Paper with pen: receive the quotation for your car configuration wishes.
-Percentage: on the quotation you see the discount prices for your dream car.
-Shaking hands: Choose the best deal for you, and make the deal with the chosen supplier.

If there are any questions please send us a message.

Good luck!

DealNL team

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