Creation of a logo of osteopathy cabinet for animals From paw to soul

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  • Start date : 20-03-2022 21:47
  • Ending date : 03-04-2022 00:00
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Hello, I'd like a personalized and smart logo for the creation of my osteopathy cabinet for animals. I'd like a simple and epured but artistic logo because I'd like an asymetric stylized heart turned on right with right part bigger than left and a smaller dog paw inside. I'd like it in beautiful pink/raspberry color til purple but something that gives an idea of love for animals! I've draw my idea but I'd like a heart thicker on the sides. I'm not opposed to new suggestions but I really would like something fluid, harmonious, magnificent, smart and warm. I practise only alternative medecines with osteopathy and behaviour issues and that's matter for me is the link between an animal and its owner and allow healing. I really would like a logo who explains the depth of relationship. Thank you for your help!

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