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  • Ending date : 24-11-2021 15:22
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Create a modern and strong logo which symbolises Mr & Mrs Wolf. Mr & Mrs Wolf is inspired by the character of mister wolf in the movie of Quentin Tarantino, Pulp Fiction and symbolises a company which ingenuity is requested as 'the fixer' een no-nonsense performer that makes sure that the job is done. As tons of young entrepeneurs and visonairs can have great ideas but miss the structure, perserverence, budget or know-how and belief to get the job done and be succesful under the pressure of todays society.

A company of a woman and a man who believes they can help young entrepeneurs, visionairs to be succesful in realising their dreams, by qualifying what has potential and what has not. Wether it are products, ideas, goods, properties. Mr & Mrs Wolf commit themselves to help these people to become succesful by creating a layer between good ideas and successful market propositions.

quotes ter inspiratie:
I'm mister Wolfe, i solve problems
Mrs Wolf: happy endings are just stories that haven't finished yet

Pretty please with sugar on top.
We think fast, we talk fast

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