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Cool but branding minded logo with the name Double D Racing

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  • Start date : 14-10-2021 10:52
  • Ending date : 29-10-2021 06:10
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Double-D standing for Dex Dogl.
Dex is a young boy of only 3 years old and have been driving motor bikes as from 2 years old.
He can drive above average good and due to this we have started with setting up social media and started branding the name Double-D.
This in order to be able to gain sponsor’s in the future, racing is a expensive sport and due to this sponsor’s are very important.
At this moment Dex has 3 motor bikes and driving road races as well dirt bike.

Logo should be cool, catchy, unique, and not sensitive ore burdensome for sponsor or company’s.
We already had a logo the last two years, but because of the sensitivity of royalty’s we need to change. Please see example in in attachment.

Thank you in advance for your effort and creatively!

Kind regards,
Gabor Dogl

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