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  • Start date : 15-07-2020 11:37
  • Ending date : 29-07-2020 11:35
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We are HappyLandGifts - the inventors of the land gift.

With a land gift you can give away a small piece of land e.g. in California, Bavaria or England from 30€. To understand our product better, please watch our short explanation video.

We sell our products on e.g. AMAZON and there the first product picture (the so-called Hero) is the decisive picture. The Hero should make the customer want the product. This picture decides whether the customer clicks on our product or on another gift.

Please have a short look at our existing products on Amazon and the Hero.

Now we want to launch a new product on the market: A piece of France.

Besides France Land Fans we also expect customers who are looking for romantic gifts for their partner. After all, France with its capital Paris stands for love.

That's why we are looking for certificates that bring together the French flair and the country of love. Our standard certificate design does not focus on the theme of romance - see attachment "Deed France".

The new certificate will be a supporting part of our heroic image. Just enter 'romantic gift' into the search bar at amazon and you will see hero images that are well received by amazon customers for romantic gifts. The new certificate should help our new hero to stand out from the competition heroes and be clicked on by customers.

Your proposal does not have to be based on our existing certificate. Everything can be changed. We are very happy about completely new ideas. The theme of love and romance knows no boundaries!

The following elementary building blocks should be taken into account (see old document France):
- Format: DinA4
- Title "Piece of France" (or an alternative proposal for the title)
- Name of the landowner
- Deeds Texts (certifying the ownership of land)
- record no.

The texts / numbers can be inserted as dummy. We need the result in an editable graphic format.

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