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I introduce myself, my name is, Jimmy Oudni, I’v got 33 years old and I am tri-athlete and magnetizer, I launch my holistic coaching activity in Nice.

I help my clients to reach their goals trought to the Multi-disciplinary support: Yoga, personal training, Healing thérapy, life coaching.

I work in my home studio, at my home client, in corporate, outdoor and in fitness gym.

I want a company name to position myself in the market for the wellbeing of body and mind.

It will be used for my website being created with a domain name AVAILABLE in .Fr and .com as well as instagram and facebook. Thank you for checking their availability. It will be English preferably but the French also suits me so heart stroke.

He must represent my activity of coach, yogi, tri-athlete, magnetizer, because I wish inspired a maximum of people to transform their bodies and their life.

My clientele is active, 35 to 60 years old, a woman for the most part, executive and good social level.

I'm looking for a name that synthesizes my activity that is visual, easy to write, remember and AVAILABLE.

In advance, THANK YOU THANK YOU AND THANK YOU, for your contributions, good luck to all!

Here are some key words for inspiration: Transform yourself, Game changer, high spirit vibes, High spirit Energy, Evolution, Yoga, avatar, cross training, fitness, reconnection, Healing, transforms, ironman, everything is possible, change, alchemy, full power, fitness magic, coach, cosmo, ki, well-being muscle, motivational, influencer, balance, strength, vital, Solar.

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