Design the company name logo logo and corporate identity for a cosmetic clinic

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Design the company name, logo and corporate identity (including graphic elements) for a cosmetic clinic. The clinic is founded by 2 dermatologist friends who have known each other for more than 15 years. Both have been active in dermatology for 20 years. With the establishment of this company, we want to collaborate with skin therapists, dermatologists and cosmetic doctors establish a new brand with a high quality standard for cosmetics, skin care and skin improvement (laser, peels, injectables, surgical treatment). With our years of experience, expertise and knowledge of the diseased skin, we want to use this collaboration to dedicate ourselves to the maintenance and optimization of healthy skin.
We want to position ourselves as an expert and innovative expert institution within Dutch cosmetic care.
The clinic will have branches in the Randstad and Central Netherlands.
Our concern will be a total concept in which the customer is central. We focus on both men and women and maintain natural beauty.
In addition to cosmetic care, a cosmetics line will also be designed under the same name, perhaps a suggestion for sub-brand?
Tone of Voice: professional, high-quality, innovative, "people" central, responsible and safe.

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