Design a professional and trustworthy company name specialized in digital forensics

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In short the company will be focusing / specializing on digital forensics, e-discovery and data analytics.

In more details this has to do with anything from the preservation, collection and analysis of digital evidence, ranging from laptops and smartphones to full email boxes and servers. Extracting, analyzing and reporting on digital information in a forensically sound manner which holds up in court. Finding the needle in the haystack, helping companies to find the details they need in their ocean of digital data when they are faced with internal investigations, lawsuits or regulatory requests.

We are looking for a name that sound professional, trustworthy and conveys quality. It may reference our activities, but this is not necessarily needed. We will be based in The Netherlands, Amsterdam but our working area will be international. A name which is recognizable internationally will therefore be a big plus. A name with alternative and/or difficult spelling which needs to be explained does not have our preference. Domain name availability is a huge plus.

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