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  • Contest holder: DaVinci
  • Category: Company name
  • Total budget: € 149.00
  • Start date : 28-04-2020 19:09
  • Ending date : 05-05-2020 00:00
  • Status : Ended
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Industry: allround employee in the greenhouse horticulture (plants). When there is temporarily no work (off season) I'm (also as a freelancer) a truck driver for a transport company.

I don't want to use my complete first and last name. The only part that u can use (so not required) is my first name; Lennart.

I hope that somebody can help me. The company name does not necessarily have to do with the jobs that I do, I understand that they are two completely different jobs and so it is hard to find a name.

I don't want a name that is difficult to pronounce.

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Colors, favourites and other requirements

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