Come up with a name for a company that helps plantbased companies grow

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Modified briefing:
We first had the name: flip the script. But unfortunately this url is already occupied.

We help organizations implement a systemic change.
Instead of the traditional hierarchy, everyone gets authority and control.

We do this for companies that have a vegan/plantbased mission. For example, companies that make shoes out of pineapple leather, companies that make vegan meat and dairy substitutes. Think of companies like beyond meat, oatly, live kindly, dutch weedburger, shop like you give a damn.

They are flipping the status quo with their service or product. We also help them flip the status quo in how to organize your business. Not top dowwn, but with everyone in their power.

We are looking for a name that is bit activist, funny, strong and indicates that we are making a "radical" necessary change.

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