Come up with a catchy name for a new health brand!

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For a new ambitious Belgian start-up we are looking for a catchy name that can also be used abroad.

They have done years of research and development on the right infrared radiation. They have developed a unique radiation element that allows people with muscle pain and stiff joints to relieve their pain.

In Belgium there are more than 1 million people with chronic pain diseases. They have to take painkillers on a daily basis to relieve their pain. This start-up can provide an answer to this by developing the right infrared blanket.

They are more expensive than most "competitors. This is because they use a unique radiation element and a different type of blanket that distributes the radiation better throughout the body. This makes the investment a little heavier, but the result in not comparable to other blankets.

They are looking for your creativity to come up with a name that will be successful in Belgium but can also be taken abroad.

Keep in mind that their target group is 50+.

Good luck!

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