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  • Start a contest

    Tell us what you need and name your price and deadline. We will start a design contest amongst thousands of designers.

  • Receive many designs

    The designers start working. Watch the custom designs pour in, give feedback and see revisions.

  • Choose your new design

    Pick a winning design and receive the files. The winning designer will get the award. We will handle the payout.

Graphic Design Examples


My logo design contest provided me with 60 proposals. With traditional design agencies you only can choose between 2 and 3 designs. I am very happy with my design and the course of the design contest! 

Saskia Velthuizen CEO secretary

An innovative and transparent initiative in the area of graphic design that is simple to use. I placed several design contests and am very happy with the results! I recommend it to anyone! Added value!


Agnes v. D Managing Director Opgezette Vlinders

I was deeply impressed by the quality of the layouts. If you get more than 100 ideas  for an iPhone-application design , then this is very impressive! Especially, if you see that the quality of the designs is so high.


Rob Langezaal Director SNS Bank
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