What is Brandsupply?

Brandsupply is an online market place for graphic design. In other words, Brandsupply combines online supply and demand in the field of graphic design. This can range from logos, website designs, company/product names to print designs. Basically, anything related to modern marketing and advertising. We assist start-ups, SMBs and foundations with accessing the creative world. Furthermore, we facilitate creative thinking outside the box, by giving designers the possibility to directly provide their designs to clients. A concept that was formerly intended for larger companies with large budgets, has now become affordable for all businesses. 


How does Brandsupply work?

Clients can start design contests on our website, specifying what type of design they are looking, what they expect from the design and how much they will pay for winner design. This contest will then be posted onto our website for our graphic designers to view in order to start working on the design. Once our designers have created a design, they post it on the contest profile page for the client to view and comment their improvement suggestions/changes. Eventually, the client chooses one of the entries and thereby obtains the intellectual property rights to the design. In return, the winning Designer will receive an award which has been originally allocated as 'prize money'.


Who is Brand supply's target market?

Both Clients and Designers;
Clients: All companies (SME=core group) that need a graphic design, for example a logo design.
Designers: Any graphic designer who has the skills to meet the client’s needs. (Often one-man businesses, freelancer and sometimes students)

Why Brandsupply?

Brandsupply provides access to professional graphic design while being beneficial to small enterprises that do not have a traditional design budget. Brand Supply is, therefore, in many cases cheaper and faster while providing the client more designs and suggestions as a result. Furthermore, Brandsupply operates independently.


Do you also offer printed material?

No, brandsupply.nl focuses purely on design and creation. If you are looking for a good online printer for business cards, letterheads, envelopes, etc. please let us direct you to byme.nl, our partner in printing.


What is a contest?

A contest defines an order description by a client, e.g. a specific logo design, followed by participants competing for pizes. An interaction begins, where designers provide their proposals and receive feedback in exchange. Ultimately, the client chooses the winner design from all submissions. 


How does a contest work?

A new contest is posted by a client. This is most likely a company (in founding process). In the contest description, wishes/expectations/ideas are specified by the client. This would be for instance, some useful information about the company or the product/service provided, in order to design a related logo. Moreover, the client defines the contest duration and the budget. Followed by that, designers upload their designs within the contest period. When the contest period has passed, the client chooses a winner. As soon as the designer has fully submitted his or her design, they receive the award. (This is also the moment where the intellectual property is obtained by the client). If a client is not fully satisfied with the outcomes of the contest, we aren’t either. In this case the second payment has not to be made!


How can I start a new contest?

To start a new design contest, you first have to sign up on brandsupply.com. This takes only 1 minute and is completely free of charge. We will then provide you with your personal ID number and a profile page. You are now ready to participate in design contests or to start your very own contest. To start a new design contest, simply click on the ‘place new project’ button on our homepage. Once you have started a new contest we ask you to provide a more detailed description of what you are looking for. This includes information about your company, your wishes and expectations as well as contest duration and the self determined budget.


How long is the contest period?

The standard contest period is on average 14 days. Of course, it can occur that a company needs a design in a shorter amount of time as well as wishes to receive more results by increasing the contest period. In these cases, contest periods vary between 7 days and 1 month at most. This choice is up to the client creating the contest. After activating the contest, time changes or termination of the contest are not allowed. However, our experiences have demonstrated that one week is enough to receive great design results.


How can I participate in contests as designer?

To participate in one of our contests, you first have to sign up on brandsupply.com. If you are already a member, simply look through the active contests list, and pick the contest you would like to contribute to. After clicking the ‘participate now’ button, you will be redirected to the log-in page. Now feel free to upload your designs onto the contest page, including a short description. By submitting your design, you are officially participating and can interact with the client. 


What happens at the end of a contest?

When a contest period is up, an automatically generated email is being sent to the client, stating within what time the winner should be announced. The winner, then, receives an automated email with instruction on how to submitting his or her design. (Upload via website)


What format do I have to use as designer?

Read the contest description carefully to find out which format the client requires. For online posts we generally use JPEG (.jpg) or PGN (.png). However, the final design should be submitted as AI (vector format). The best size for online submission is 800x800 pixel. Websites are the only exception. These are typically broader than a logo, for example, so the best website resolution is 1024x768 pixel. 


What if a client asks for a file before the contest period is up?

Of course, it is your decision as designer if you go for that. Nonetheless, imagine the consequences, if the client just disappears with your logo. We therefore advise our designers to always wait for the contest period to pass, to avoid intellectual property fraud.


Why is my design/feedback not showing?

Your design should be visible immediately after uploading. Is this not the case, try clicking the ‘refresh’ button in your browser task bar. If your submission is still not showing, wait a couple minutes followed by the same procedure. For more help/information please contact our customer service.


What do the stars below the designs mean?

The stars function as a rating scale from 1-5 (5 being the highest score) that are assigned to  certain designs by the client. This rating helps to give feedback and to show which design meets expectations best. As client you can clarify your preferences/guidelines by evaluating specific designs. On the other hand, designers can benefit from the rating scale by adjusting their designs to the client’s requirements/taste. Focus on originality and respect other designers, which means you should not copy the work of others! We keep an eye on out contests to avoid plagiarism, and if we see a designer violating this rule, we reserve the right to remove his or her submission.


How can I evaluate designs on a rating scale?

Wählen Sie ein Design auf der Wettbewerbsseite aus. Unter dem Design können nun mit Hilfe einer Bewertungsskala Sterne zugewiesen werden, während 1 der geringste Wert und 5 die höchste Punktzahl ist. 


How does the feedback system work?

Clients have various possibilities to give feedbacks. For example, Designs can be evaluated by using the 5-star rating scale. They can also post a direct commentary on the contest page. Of course, sending a private message to only the designer is possible as well. Brandsupply advises to stick more to public feedback in order to fine-tune the design results. 


Can I choose more than one winner for my contest?

Unfortunately, this is not possible. You can only choose one winner per contest. 


How long does it take for a client to announce a winner?

This can take up to 7 days. Most clients are very fast to choose a winner, since they follow the contest closely. Some need a little more time to deliberate. Brandsupply hast determined a maximum period of 7 days to make a decision. The client is not obliged to choose a winner, if the design submissions were not satisfactory, he or she then can terminate the contest without a winner. We trust our designers and our experience shows, that this has barely happened. 


What about the intellectual property?

Brandsupply takes this right very seriously. We want to ensure that the client is only able to use the design after successfully compensating the designer, which is mentioned in our Terms & Conditions that both parties accept prior participating. If, for any reason, you still feel like your design is being used on the market, contact the Federal Executive Authority on Intellectual Property (FEAIP).


What are the costs for a contest?

This is the uniqueness of Brandsupply! The client determines the budget of the contest himself. Generally this means, the higher the budget the bigger the choice. Though, even the contests with lower compensation receive high-quality results.

What do I have to pay in order to participate in contests?

For designer, participating in contests is free of charge!


What is the no cure, no pay guarantee?

In traditional advertisement agencies, clients often pay a fortune for a design. On top of that, in most cases the client has only a limited number of designs to choose from. At Brandsupply it’s done differently! If a client’s requirements are not fulfilled at the end of a contest, it ends without a winner. You only have to pay the listing fee (depending of your package). The second payment (award an succesfee) has not to be made. We trust our designers, and believe that they come up with a great design that meets your needs! 


How can I determine an appropriate price for a contest?

The client determines the budget for the contest. Generally this means, the higher the budget the bigger the choice. Though, even the contests with lower compensation receive high-quality results. 


What do I have to pay when I start a contest?

The placement fee (depending on the package) becomes due with posting a new contest. These costs cover our expenses for posting/hosting a contest and drawing designer’s attention to it. If the client chooses a winner at the end of the contest, the pre-determined prize and success fee becomes due.  


How does the payment/compensation work?

Every design contest is a budget assigned that is previously determined by the client. After the contest period has passed and a winner is chosen, we ask the client to pay the prize and success fee. Once the designer submits the winner design in the right format, the prize is being paid to the designer through Brandsupply. Generally payments are initiated on Fridays every 2 weeks.


What are the payment options for clients?

Brandsupply cooperates with one of the leading payment service provider that process all our payments. We offer the following payment offers:


  1. Credit card Mastercard
  2. Credit card VISA
  3. Direct Debit (placement fee only!)
  4. PayPal


What payment options does Brandsupply offer for designers?

Brandsupply pays winning designers via electronic bank transfer, as long as they are located within the European Union. For winners outside the European Union we pay the award via PayPal. 


When is payment due?

The placement fee I due with starting a new contest on our website. The prize and success fee is due when the contest period is up and a winner is chosen. No winner? You don’t have to pay the prize or success fee!


How is the winner paid?

After the client has chosen a winner, the designer has to ensure submission of the right files/formats to the client. As soon as the client confirms receipt of the right designs, Brandsupply arranges payment of the designer. This happens usually every 2 weeks on Fridays. 


What about taxes?

Each member of Brandsupply is responsible for disclosing income of all sources that fall under income tax law or any other taxes.


How can I sign up?

To sign up as a designer or a client, simply click on the ‘sign up’ button on the top right of the homepage. You become a free member in less than one minute and are ready to start right after. 


How do I become a designer?

Many want to be a designer. Of course,  you should have the right skills and knowledge about graphic design. Nothing else is required, plus it is free of charge! All you have to do is follow the above steps. 


How do I become a client?

Anyone who is in need of a graphic design can become a client with us. Nothing else is required. All you have to do is follow the above steps! For more information on how to start a contest, click on ‘How to start a contest?’. 


Can I have more than one account?

No, this is not allowed, as it may cause confusion within the community and management. 


How can I change my password?

You can change your password on your ‘MyBrandsupply’ page, by clicking the button on the homepage.

How can I change my personal data?

You can change your personal data on your 'MyBrandsupply' page. Simply click on the 'MyBrandsupply'-button.  


I forgot my password! What can I do?

Click on ‘log in’. Next to the log in field you can find a ‘forgot password?’ link. After clicking on the link, follow instructions.

How can I sign up for newsletter?

All members (designers and clients) will receive a Brandsupply newsletter several times per year.

How about licensing for fonts?

The great majority of available fonts are copyyright protected and regular licenses are only valid for individual use. Therefore the winning designer is not obligated to send the fonts together with his design.


As long as the font is only used in the design itself, as a rasterized layer there should not be any problems arising from the usage of a copyrighted font. In case the font is supposed to be used elsewhere (E.g. on flyers or website) the client has to purchase the license apart from the design.


If no further costs should arise for font licensing, but the font is supposed to be used for further than the actual design project from Brandsupply, please inform designers about you preference for creative commons or open source fonts.  


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