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Greenpeace Poster contest 2014: Campaign for the protection of the Sumatra Tiger

Contest details:

  • Contest holder: Greenpeace Österreich
  • Category: Print ad
  • Total budget: € 0.00
  • Start date : 28-04-2014 14:00
  • Ending date : 15-06-2014 23:59
  • Status : Ended
  • Required formats: jpg,pdf
  • Relevant files: None
  • Available languages:
  • Number of designs: 201
  • Response rate:
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Greenpeace Austria is looking for a poster design that puts notice on the destruction of the Indonesian rain forest, which is home to the Sumatra Tiger. The winning design will be used by Greenpeace for a big Poster campaign to advocate the protection of the Sumatra Tiger. The tiger is chosen symbolically and represents all endangered animals from the Indonesian rain forest and should be used within the design.
The slogan of the campaign is “Tiger dich rein. Rette das Paradies”
In a simple but effective way your design should encourage others to support this environmental campaign through the use creative communication.

Benefit for the winning designer:
- The winning design will be exposed to a great amount of people through its use in the summer campaign of Greenpeace Austria. Besides this further use in following print and online campaigns is planned.
- The winning design will be part of an exhibition in the “Tiergarten Schönbrunn” in Vienna, (together with the best other designs)
- The name of the winner will be displayed on the bottom of the posters, so its direct promotion for the winner and his work
- The campaign contest and the winner will be presented in the Greenpeace magazine “Act”
- The winner will be receiving a Greenpeace-Tiger-Honors-ambassadorship
- Additionally the winner of the Greenpeace contest will get 300 €

Company description:

Greenpeace is a globally operating NGO with 28 national and regional offices worldwide. Its aim is the dedication to environmental protection worldwide.

Target group:

People with an interest in environmental protection. Regular citizens.

Colors, favourites and other requirements

Major component of the poster should be the call to action. This means the message that is supposed to invoke financial support for the campaign by sending a text message to a certain phone number. The message that is supposed to be used is as follows „Sende eine SMS mit >Tiger< an 0664 – 660 30 30 und unterstütze die Petition zum Schutz des indonesischen Regenwaldes.“ (It can also be changed, but has to be in German)
Technical guidelines:
format A3, 300dpi, CMYK-Farbraum
Format: .jpg or .pdf
Filesize max 50 MB
The design is supposed to be able to be used on horizontal as well as vertical posters and billboards. But only one variation has to be submitted to the contest.
Design guidelines:
The design should communicate the values of Greenpeace, especially nonviolence.

Photo material for the design can be retrieved under

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