Logo and packing for a new high end tea brand (later on also other kinds of food products)

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I am up to launch a new tea brand within high quality teas (loose leafs and tea bags) and later on also other kinds of foods.

The name of the brand are “Northe”.

It should be Exclusive and High end to an affordable price.
It will primarly be sold to companies (offices), supermarkets, restaurants etc. (B-2-B), and later on direct on a webside to end customers.

All kind of teas will get their own name - like “Morning Tea”, “Christmas Tea”, Stresless Tea”, “Be pregnant Tea” etc. - please include this in the design.

- The design should look and feel like the Scandinavia mood - Cosy (Hygge), eksklusive design, dusty colours, bring in the Nature to your life and body.
- The design should be elegant and simple (supporting the name of the brand).
- The design should include something around the Nature - simple living, procect the Nature etc.
- The design should not contain real pictures, but should be graphics.
- The design should include space for decription of ingredients (90% tea leafs, 5% apple, 5% orange - etc.)
- The design should include space for decription of the product (“good to be pregnant because of....”, “Great to be relaxed beacause of...” etc.)
- The design should include space for a barcode

What do I need?
- Design of a Logo
- Design of a box for tea bags
- The box are L:20 - W: 20 - H: 20 (cm)
- Design of a bag of tea leafs
- The bag are: L:10 - W:10 - H:20 (cm

All the above is just thougts - you guys are the real experts - surprise me, and lets see where we end :-)

Kind regards,

Johnny Hejdemann

Company description:

Tea company

Target group:

All tea lovers - primarly in scandinavia

Colors, favourites and other requirements

Dusty colours
Natural colours
No real pictures

I like graphic

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    1. heidemann says :

      Thank you very much.
      I do like the logo - but do you also have another suggestion - mayby some who is not actual a leaf but som unknown graphic.

      I´am not into use of the logo as a grpahic solutions for the packings (but its a good idea).

      Can you make some packings with graphic patterns with cubes, lines etc.

      Shades of colours is good (dusty), maybe use of green, blue and red could be great.

      I look forward to see something new.


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