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Capable BV will start a new brand for a medical cap.
Website is the "mother" logo. 'Capable create your connection'
For this new landingspage we will work with te same Capable name but will add Micro medical connections instead of create your connection.
So this will be 'Capable micro medical connections'

Capable is a cable / harness designer. The 7 dots in the current logo represent the inside of a cable.
The new logo will be needed for a landingspage of a new medical cap design. And we would like to replace the 7 dots. Lettertype for Capable should be the same but colors etc are free to change.
In the future we will use this new logo for expending our medical branch of Capable.

Landingspage: Logo MFI will be replaced by the new logo. Picture now is a temporary working picture, but good to have an idea about the cap. This is not the current version

- our current logo which will stay in place for our main website.

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Colors, favourites and other requirements

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