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  • Contest holder: Doesema Photography
  • Category: Logo & stationery
  • Total budget: € 250.00
  • Start date : 23-12-2021 12:26
  • Ending date : 28-01-2022 00:00
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I am Elise Doesema, a starting photographer, mostly specialised in portrait and wedding photography. I am 29 years old, I love travelling and next year I will travel the world in our camper van which we build ourselves. During this big trip I will be photographing a lot!

I will use the logo for website, social media (mostly Instagram), as a watermark, in all communication with the customer (printed and digital) and on the wedding albums.

Design a fresh, minimalistic, adventurous, maybe even a little bit romantic logo. It needs to look professional. The colours I like for my logo and corporate identity are earthy tints, black, white and maybe even gold.

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Doesema Photography

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