Design a charismatic and attractive Logo & Stationery for "Innergeeka Coaching - Developping Potentialities", a brand new Coaching-Consulting company

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The logo should communicate creativity, happiness, positiveness, energy, strength and trust.
The company name is: InnerGeeka Coaching
Tag line: Developing Potentialities

Company description:

InnerGeeka Coaching provides Coaching and Consulting services to individuals and also to business companies. We provides also training courses and continuing education to companies and individuals which want to improve their performances.
Our core topics are life Coaching, business Coaching, Leadership, Management, Team management, Team building.

Target group:

Individuals of 25-50 years old and all the business who want to increase and develope their performances.

Colors, favourites and other requirements

My favorite colors are:

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    1. Description by designer ThomAlblas:

      Hereby my logo idea. The icon on top presents a group of people sitting together.

      Please let me know what you think about it!

      - Thom

    2. fflavio says :

      that's nice but I would prefer a much more personalised logo. thanks for the moment

    3. This contest is finished. Its not possible to reply anymore.

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