Design a catchy new logo for a web design hosting company

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  • Ending date : 08-08-2020 00:00
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Over the years I have messed around too much with making a logo myself. I have also outsourced it twice, but to date there is actually no match. To make matters worse, my logo is now in a color that I want to say goodbye to quickly.

I am looking for a new, fresh and modern logo that is a bit more unique than what we have now. Examples of logos I like:


I attach great importance to the beautiful use of fonts, consistency and use of color. It has to get a real 'agency' look.

In terms of use of color, you have a free hand, as long as it is not the 'pool' of yellow that has now been used. Previously, red / orange has been used. Blue tones appeal to me, as long as it fits the look.

Webprepare is a web design / hosting company. The big difference with other companies is that we are an all-in-1 company. We want to radiate the broad range of services, although this does not necessarily have to be reflected in the logo.

Company description:

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Colors, favourites and other requirements

ident Corp Branding
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    1. webprepare says :

      Origineel! Ik zou deze weleens in wat gave kleurcombinaties willen zien. Zit er nog een bepaalde betekenis achter deze vorm van de W?

    2. ident Corp Branding says

      Your feedback does not warrant any further work on my behalf. There is no concept behind the W, I just rejigged what you already had with the benefit of 30 years experience in typography and design. Good luck finding what you want.

    3. webprepare says :

      It was just a question and no offence. Thanks tho for your work so far!

    4. ident Corp Branding says

      No offence taken just explaining why a two star rating does not warrant further work on my part and trying to give you an insight into what goes into an agency designed logo. The 'W' in my sample is based on Picket Fence font used by Guttenberg in the 14thC which is why it reads so well. The 'W' you had is a bastardisation of the letterform which leaves the viewer uncomfortable and unsure. Good luck with finding your solution.

    5. This contest is finished. Its not possible to reply anymore.

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