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  • Contest holder: DD Berlin
  • Category: Logo design
  • Total budget: € 479.00
  • Start date : 02-06-2021 06:09
  • Ending date : 21-06-2021 00:00
  • Status : Active
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Word-image brand Logo for a sports brand: "squeqo"

Main logo in large: either make a large logo from the first letter S or SQ or an additional fantasy logo.

The logo should remain neutral so that it can be used in all sports.

The logo should be such that one would like to wear a T-shirt when doing sports if it is printed large on the chest. Therefore, I ask you to also present such sample images at the same time.

Font for squeqo:
ask for your suggestions
everything small
everything great
big and small

Of course, it is important that I can register the logo with the patent office worldwide.
I wish you success

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Colors, favourites and other requirements

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